Tolva Games 2020 HyperX eSports Arena - Luxor in Las Vegas

Tolva League is a 2 year old gaming platform for eSports gamers well known for free to play competitions offering attractive prizes and high visibility.

This coming September 2019 is the initial launch of Tolva Games 2020

A 12-month series of online qualifying matches featuring sponsored prize packages, and incentives.  The largest free to play amateur eSports presence in the market.  Every day will offer a new title and console category, with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes guaranteed with no minimum number of players needed for play.

Tolva Games 2020 will be covering the top gaming titles in eSports: League of Legends, APEX Legends, Fortnite, PUBG, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Overwatch in the initial launch with more to come

Our sponsors provide us with their product of choice, we become familiar with their product, we build out media content, review the product, post and release it to our audience and target groups.

Their logo is paraded throughout our network, along with their sales campaign content, product announcements and any other information that you want us to put on display.

As a sponsor you will have the benefit of sending the prize product directly to the specific winner of your assigned tournament (winners are required to be in the USA).

Additionally a dedicated Tolva League ambassador will be assigned to your account to check on any product changes or developments as they occur.

The prizes bring the excitement, the excitement fuels the competitions, the followers catch the wave, the influencers fan the flames, the gamers get the visibility, and so do the sponsors and the products that they want showcased.

The aggregate number of followers that we can claim publicly is currently around 100K.  We plan to hit 1 million+ by September sourcing from multiple platforms and additionally Tolva Teammates (influencers) coming on board.

Our most popular tournaments tend to range around 100 players in a series, although our current growth rates show that they could reach well above that level.

We have allotted for your campaign with Tolva 2600+ registered emails, plus our instagrams reached 13,000 accounts, and 26,000 impressions during this initial week of promotion for our upcoming launch.

The official launch will take place in late July, with activity and posts being pushed out then at a much bigger scale. 

This month we had 500 active users on our website which is currently being updated - new features will require logging in to the site (most registrations source from instagram and direct emails) where gamers will be able to view gaming schedules, prizes, and access discord thus incentivizing website interaction and a higher bounce rate (currently at 9 min.). 

Sponsors will all be listed on the site as well, with additional links to their sites depending on their chosen package.

For you and your product line we recommend the COMPETITIVE PACKAGE with promotional codes built into the offering, visibly connecting your product to our influence team for a direct response and a sale.

The more product you supply to the influencer assigned to you (from a team of 22) the more engagement, reposts and buzz you will create.  Our influencers, because of this vertical (ie: eSports, millennials, and tournament play) experience an above average rate of interaction, especially in their Tolva related posts.

And the algorithms pick up the spikes so your product gets seen on the explorer feeds, even during promotional campaigns where there are no incentives attached.

Tolva Games 2020 culminates in a live event at the Hyper X eSports Arena at the Luxor in Las Vegas

The perfect finale to a year of qualifying rounds !

  • Finalists

  • Fans

  • Friends and Family

  • The Public

  • A Collaboration of Sponsors

  • Influencers

  • Business Partners

  • Our Own Tolva Games 2020 Brands

  • Tolva League Staff and Members

  • Las Vegas Gaming Participants

The Hyper X eSports Arena at the Luxor in Las Vegas is 35,000 square feet of state of the art tech specific to maximize the gaming experience, we are intent on doing all we can to make Tolva Games 2020 the event of the year, complete with press releases, product exhibits, celebrity endorsements and appearances, and cross platform exposure.

In addition to the exposure and engagement you and your product will experience during the year long qualifying rounds, your signage will be displayed prominently at this grand finale and very high profile event in Las Vegas.  And not just from the Tolva Games 2020 team.  The entire eSports community will hear about this event and will be watching, with your company in clear sight.

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